Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday evening internet finds

So I felt like shopping a bit this evening, and absent a mall nearby (no...groceries do not qualify as shopping), the internet provided ample entertainment. These are a few finds worth bookmarking...and no, I didn't indulge myself in any of the super amazing design sites. These are all actually from places that we could afford to step within.

Gorgeous, but ridiculously expensive, bamboo and wood chairs (Vivaterra)
(And yes, we have dining chairs, but I still reserve the right to be inspired...)

Lost my breath again at Vivaterra. Remember it from anywhere?
(After further consideration, I'm not sure that the light carries evenly through the flowers...?)

Outdoor mat from Anthropologie
(not so sure Mr. Big would allow it, but worth an admiring eye anyway)

Verde vases from Crate and Barrel

Hope you enjoyed this evenings shopping!

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