Friday, February 29, 2008

We're officially on a budget

What a bummer. Now that we finally have a home to fill up with goodies, we're on a strict budget. This probably happens to most people, at least that's what I tell myself. Our walls are pretty bare, but IKEA has a few pretties that could add some flavor (without a lot of cost) for the time being.

They all run around $80 for pretty good size prints (i.e. most are larger than 36 inches). Unfortunately, these images aren't available for purchase on the internet. Pout, pout, pout. Don't be surprised if you're a long last family member that gets a call for help... :)

Only a whisper

I had no idea what a susurrus was, but now I know: a whisper. This expansion in my vocabulary is due to the breathtaking ceramic sculpture included on Item Home UK's website. Wow. Anytime a lighting fixture inspires you to do research, it must be good. And when it starts out as a light, but is also installed just as a piece of art, it must be doubly good.

No, no, no...we don't have a need for this in the house, so I have no idea why I am posting about it. But then again, who doesn't have a need to appreciate fanciful, beautiful artwork? At least that's the way that I justify it. Shhhh, let's keep this a whisper.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dropping off inspirations

The thought of using a meaningful phrase as art stopped me in my tracks today. Style-Files featured this French artist's home. She did a beautiful job of adding interest with paint variations. This is definitely one to file away.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Getting to decorating

Building the house has left me temporarily depleted of inspiration. Being such a long process, it seems only natural to take a few breaks here and there. In general, everything has come together very nicely, but the house is turning just a tad rustic for me. My mom and I determined that we'll need to add some more modern touches in accessories and finishings.

I've always thought that this wall piece by Wingard was fun and funky. In one of the few moments of recent enthusiasm, Mr. Big chimed in with his approval.

We ordered the same piece in graphite and it is now hanging in our guest bedroom.

I'm pretty pleased with it. Maybe this is just the thing that I need to jump start myself to get going again...

A pool with water

We've had a pool for a while now, but the lack of water within was quietly torturing us. The moment that we have been waiting for finally arrived this week. Not everything is done yet, but it's pretty close. Behold the pool!

Unfortunately, the water hadn't been treated yesterday, which was the day that we decided to play hookie from work. We had to find other forms of entertainment...which isn't too hard in the Caribbean. And just because I'm a meanie, I thought that others in "milder climates" might appreciate a bit of sunshine. This is roughing it!

And we've had lots of comments on our new friend Jordan. He's fittin right into the family as you can see from his spot on the boat. Aye, Aye Captain!

Hope everyone is well! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Inspiration vs reality: chandeliers

One of the most exciting design opportunities in our house that I did not anticipate was the stairway. When I found the following images on the Bocci website, my heart raced.

But when I found out that it would cost us multiples of thousands of dollars, my heart appropriately sank. In an interesting twist of fate, another new home on the island had received a duplicate light in a vendor error. We viewed the alternate and it gave a similar effect to the light that had originally won us over. No, it isn't as dramatic, but it does provide a bit of fancy. With multiples of thousands of dollars left in our bank account, we now have this lovely donation (yes donation...) giving us lovely ambiance.

And just because I couldn't get the beautiful Bocci lights out of my mind, we now have three in our powder room. The mirror has a nice effect of multiplying the lights. Six for the price of three!

And while we are on the subject of lighting, I thought it might be useful to update the previous post regarding our entry way light. It has now been installed and draws many "oohs" and "aahs" from visitors. It's difficult to get a photo that really captures how much it offers, but here was the closest that I could get.

I was holding my breath about this light because I ordered it without Mr. Big being with me. I also didn't elaborate on it much because he typically doesn't go quite as modern as I do. One of the sweetest recent phone calls that I received was the day the light was installed. "Holy cow! I LOVE our cool new light". There was a deep exhalation on my part and we haven't looked back. Whew...