Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Get a life

Man, how boring am I? This blog is so pathetic compared to this awesome photo of my brother that I just found online. Talk about energy. I need to get off my backside...

He's the artist in the family too. His work is unbelievable. Loads of color and spirit. I'll try to get some of his stuff on here soon. I've never met anyone in my life quite like him (except the other brother of course). :)

Pulling it together

As has been evidenced by my recent posts, lately I've been secretly salivating over beautiful artwork available online. Perhaps its been an escape from our incomplete house or the busy hours at my rather uncreative job, but I have been seeking out inspiration through others artwork on a regular basis.

While a great escape, I sometimes lose sight of the overall feel of the house...and how artwork plays into it. To that extent, this is a summary of artwork in rooms that wow me...and my attempt to find common themes.

Love how the painting almost hides in the room...monotone but peaceful

Another example but slightly more modern

A reminder that a few smaller pieces can have just as much (if not more impact). From Jonathan Clark Architects.

The pale blues, sages, and browns are soothing and the light in the center makes the painting hopeful...almost like the peaceful start to a new day
So many paintings in these colors look drab...this looks dreamy. The chairs pull together the entire look.

One urge that I have to get over is the desire to put something on each wall. Let them be. In photos, bare walls can sometimes look refreshing so perhaps I don't need to scurry to get them dressed up. But the definite consensus from the images above is a monotone palette...for this year anyway.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Evoking a feeling

Looking for artwork is such an awesome undertaking. Some pieces move me initially, but after a few days, they feel a bit flat. Others evoke wonderful feelings, but perhaps not exactly those that I'm trying to get after.

It's been a fair time coming, but I've come back to the following images for the last time. Now it's time to pull the trigger. Amazingly, all images are from etsy seller lightleak.

Pacifica V

I get a lot of energy from these photographs. At the same time, they are fanciful and leave a lot open to the imagination (exactly what are the first to images of?).

I also love his blurred images of individuals on the beach. So peaceful. I can't imagine choosing between the company of good friends or just myself if I were actually in one of the photos.

The teacher


Don't you wish you could start every morning this way?

So now the question is which set should find it's home in our guest bathroom. I'm leaning towards the first set because it's a bit more modern and has more movement, but the second evokes a real calming, comfortable feeling. Thoughts?

Sunday, June 8, 2008


If you can believe it, this is actually a photo in our front yard. Yes, we actually do have grass and a bit of landscaping.

Our landscaper is extremely talented and we've basically given him a budget and a green light to design/landscape as his heart desires. We had two requests: lots of color and minimal flowering trees (we didn't want to spend our weekends picking up after them). It's been very fun to see his creativity and interpretation of the site.

But most of all, it's amazing what a difference a bit of green makes. I was recently gushing about how nice the front yard was coming along to our builder. He promptly opined that landscapers always seem get more praise than warranted. He had an interesting view...he figures it's like make-up that girls put on just before we go out on a date. Your parents groom you for years, you learn from your experiences, but the part that often catches peoples attention is your looks.

I suppose that I can see his point. But the fact remains that I'm still really impressed and really excited to see our front yard taking shape. :)

There is still a fair bit left to do (the rest of the front yard, the side yard and the back), but for now, this is how we are looking...

Not bad!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wall print

Now that we've got the new table in the kitchen, we're going to have to move a large chest currently in the room. In it's place, this wall print from Amenity might just be a good option. It's fairly simple and still in our color scheme.

We're not introducing new colors at this point. If we decide to do something more bold, we can do that after living in the house a bit longer. The alternate option is to wait to find a very neutral, large painting. I'm thinking that for $330, it should provide a good solution for at least the next 3-4 years. Are we on the right track?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kitchen so close to complete

When we first met with our fabulous kitchen designer two years ago, he walked into our rental unit and immediately began planning our future kitchen around our dining table. This sounded great to us because we loved the table (it was actually purchased on our honeymoon). It's a simple, rustic, dark, sturdy, social table.

Our cabinetry color was matched to the table and we tried to accent the room with slightly more modern elements. Concrete ceasarstone countertops, polished chrome fixtures, stainless appliances...all juxtaposed against the big rustic table. The final piece of the puzzle was a smaller replica made as a kitchen-bar-type-table.

Well, today was a memorable day, because that final, special replica finally found its way home.

I'm so happy with the woodgrain next to the Caesarstone countertops. It has really pulled everything together. The poor original table has taken a back seat this evening to his new buddy...he can be seen at the back of the photo below...surely to be elevated back to his prominent position tomorrow.

Besides our under counter lighting and a few recessed lights, the kitchen should now be finished. It's amazing how different the space feels with the final element present...it feels done, complete. !!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Jordan vs the land crabs

We've had a week of straight rain, which was definitely needed. And after the first rain in May, the land crabs come out of hiding in droves. They didn't disappoint this year. Seeing as it is our first year in the house, I didn't anticipate how many land crabs would seek higher ground from the bush that is right across the road from our lot. Loads. And yes, they are big.

Looks like Florida has the same problem

Bless his little heart, Jordan just doesn't know what to do with them (which means I don't know what to do with him!). He's been trying to fight, bark, and chase each one away. The nights are particularly challenging for as they scratch their way past him. For a dog that doesn't bark, he's lost his marbles completely...barking incessantly (I now know what that word really means) about every 30 minutes. He's so wound up that he gets all the neighborhood dogs going with him. Fab.

I'm not sure how to describe the dark circles under my eyes at work today...who is going to believe that it's because of the land crabs? Thank goodness Mr. Big returns from a week and a half of traveling today. One more night dealing with this myself might send me over the edge.

Jordan vs. the land crabs 2008.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Platter Pleasures

These serving platters by Simrin are fab. How great would it be to welcome barbequing delights on these lovelies?

Another great inspiration

Apparently Design*Sponge was speaking to me this week as they featured another beautiful home with neutral, monotone decor without being "too cold". Jessica Helgerson Design did a wonderful job on this home in Portland. All photos by Lincoln Barbour.

Again, I love the branches that were used throughout the home. And the light furniture really creates a calm feeling. Although likely not too calm if there were young ones living in the house! :)

I've long admired Niche Modern pendants and they arrive unexpectedly here in the stairwell. The use of mirrors on the landing makes the space much larger.

Wow, those cabinets are really funky! Love the countertops as well. The drapes behind the bed, pendant lights, and shag rug make the master very inviting. Hmmm...

We are planning on using wood stools at our counter, but these light alternatives are refreshing and simple. Keep loving the branches.

Another shag rug, light chair and branches. They've continued similar elements throughout the house really well.

More kudos to these designers...fab! Thanks for the inspiration!

Reaffirming choices

Every once in a while, I wonder whether we should be introducing more color into the decor palette in the house. But then I run across an images like the following and it completely reaffirms my original thoughts.

These images were featured this week on Design*Sponge and are from the home of wedding planner Lisa Vorce. I really like the large manzanita braches, which are probably 15 feet tall, and the large, neutral rug and couches. And finally, I've found an inspiration images that have window coverings that appeal to me.

Apparently much of the funiture comes from Environment Funiture. A quick peek at their website has me wishing that I could be in Southern California to check out the Stay sofa and Parati side table.

Fortunately for me, my two brothers live near their store so a drive-by might be requested. Overall, this designer created a gorgeous space. L-O-V-E it!

In the meantime, any suggestions on where/how to find (and ship to the Caribbean) large Manzanita braches? These might just be a good solution to my green-thumb challenges. :)