Sunday, June 8, 2008


If you can believe it, this is actually a photo in our front yard. Yes, we actually do have grass and a bit of landscaping.

Our landscaper is extremely talented and we've basically given him a budget and a green light to design/landscape as his heart desires. We had two requests: lots of color and minimal flowering trees (we didn't want to spend our weekends picking up after them). It's been very fun to see his creativity and interpretation of the site.

But most of all, it's amazing what a difference a bit of green makes. I was recently gushing about how nice the front yard was coming along to our builder. He promptly opined that landscapers always seem get more praise than warranted. He had an interesting view...he figures it's like make-up that girls put on just before we go out on a date. Your parents groom you for years, you learn from your experiences, but the part that often catches peoples attention is your looks.

I suppose that I can see his point. But the fact remains that I'm still really impressed and really excited to see our front yard taking shape. :)

There is still a fair bit left to do (the rest of the front yard, the side yard and the back), but for now, this is how we are looking...

Not bad!


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Anne said...

It looks gorgeous! The house is great and the landscaping really does complement it - I see your point about the patch of green making all that difference!

Jenny said...

Thank you so much. Now that it's in, the long road getting here doesn't feel so hard! :)

Cecile said...

Nice post. I hope you get to share some pictures when your landscaping work has finished. Truly, a beautiful home needs a beautiful landscape. By the way, great design on your pathway.
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