Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A fun clock (I think) and a thank you

As mentioned before, we recently renovated a vacation condo in a quasi vintage sports/country club theme.  It's a place that we always look forward to going to and sharing with our family and friends.  My hope is to create a space that makes us nostalgic for our childhood and spurs on activities in little ones.  While the renovations are all complete, I've still got some finishing touches to do on the decor (which means more antiquing...yay!).

We've been looking for a big wall clock to go in the space.  Originally I was looking for something industrial like you might find from an old train station, but then recently came across this fun option from easy seller upcyclebicycle.

I'm thinking that it could be a fun addition to the condo and am tentatively considering it for above the sliding doors.

I don't want it to get too kitschy, but at the same time, want the overall feeling of the unit to be light and fun.  Hmmm...decisions, decisions.  

And before I go today, it's worth thanking those who have been so kind to leave comments recently when I started posting a few ideas again.  I've historically used this as a place to chronicle my thoughts and synthesize my decor/design ideas.  It has always been a tad of an outlet.  Honestly, I thought it was really only family who ever came here for visits.  I was so touched to find that there were people who actually enjoyed the blog out there.  You really have made my day.  :)  So thank you for your encouraging comments. 

Etsy seller MarsDesignStudio

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Toddler bed

Sorry for those of you who aren't interested in looking at play rooms, nurseries, and toddler rooms, but this is just where we are at this moment in time.  And for us, it's a good place to be.

I'm so excited because our little guy is soon going to be graduating from his crib.  We looked at loads of toddler beds, twin beds, bunk name it, we looked at it.  We were thrilled to find this full twin size, low to the ground (Montessori style) modern bed by esty seller HighlandWood.

Now we don't need to worry about him rolling off and we like that it is toddler height, but twin length.  (We've got a tall one on our hands).  Can't wait to see it in his new room!