Sunday, January 20, 2008

New addition to the family

6 more months, 9 more months...we need to get the house done before we take that precious step of getting a dog. With our last guest leaving us last Friday, I must have felt that we were going to be lonely. We didn't even last one day before making a new addition. We now have a pound puppy that we think is a Huskie and German Shepard mix. Welcome Jordan!

We officially "adopted" him last Saturday, but the home inspections weren't as straightforward as we expected. I'll save you the eyerolling. After much anticipation (turned to frustration), he came home with us yesterday. We had a good 2-3 hours to show him around the space. Little did he know that he was going to have a celebrity homecoming thereafter. He has met two fellow dogs, 7 kids under 5, and plenty of our pals. All of this was without a bark, whimper or moment that his tails stopped wagging. Fantastic!

Mr. Big with his new friend

A few fans

What a great sport! We had tail pulling, bone thumpings, and lots of chasing without a peep. We were also very fortunate to sleep through the night without the slightest of whimpers. He's even been on the boat already. This pound puppy is going to be a real treat!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Long time, no blog

On December 4th, my patient husband requested that our telephone and internet connections be moved from the condo to the new house. Exactly one month later, on January 4th, we had working phones and internet once again. Wow.

A lot
has happened since the last post. We've been visited by Mr. Big's uncle, cousin and parents as well as my brother, parents and grandfather. It's been fabulous having so many family members with us as we start out in the house. Mr. Big's cousin was an absolute angel helping us unpack boxes and my mom has already blessed us with much-needed furniture arrangement tips. We've both eagerly scarfed down Mr. Big's mom's wonderful meals and the dads have built our barbeque stand. Busy, busy, busy.

We've loved having everyone over to see the new abode. Obviously it's far from complete, but we are further on than our first weekend. Still, you could feel the excitement at that point...

When our first stay-over guests arrived, they were in for a bit of a shock. Instead of the inspired plush bedding that my mom and I dreamed up on our trip, this is what they found...honest.

No joke. The mattress delivery was delayed by two days so they arrived to find themselves without anything to sleep on. Fortunately, Mr. Big was on the case and had everything delivered later that afternoon. Phew!

But honestly, there was not a chair to sit on, a stool to lean against, or a couch to chill in. In fact, there were not even handles on their doors to keep the workmen out. The floors were beyond dusty, there were no appliances working, nor did we have the slightest clue where our cutlery or plates were. At least the toilets were flushing.

Fortunately for us, they were absolute sports and helped us pretty much unpack the entire house in the next 10 days. Mr. Big's cousin was FAB! All with a big smile on her face, fun stories to share, and the most helping hands. If you happen to read this, THANK YOU! :)
Unfortunately, when it came time to give back with a fun boat ride out to Stingray City, the boat clunked out and we ended up puttering our way back to shore. Nice. Nevertheless, we're hoping that we might get to host them again...properly this time! :)

The rest of the holiday/move-in was a blast. More pictures and updates to come. Happy New Year everyone!!!