Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pulling it together

As has been evidenced by my recent posts, lately I've been secretly salivating over beautiful artwork available online. Perhaps its been an escape from our incomplete house or the busy hours at my rather uncreative job, but I have been seeking out inspiration through others artwork on a regular basis.

While a great escape, I sometimes lose sight of the overall feel of the house...and how artwork plays into it. To that extent, this is a summary of artwork in rooms that wow me...and my attempt to find common themes.

Love how the painting almost hides in the room...monotone but peaceful

Another example but slightly more modern

A reminder that a few smaller pieces can have just as much (if not more impact). From Jonathan Clark Architects.

The pale blues, sages, and browns are soothing and the light in the center makes the painting hopeful...almost like the peaceful start to a new day
So many paintings in these colors look drab...this looks dreamy. The chairs pull together the entire look.

One urge that I have to get over is the desire to put something on each wall. Let them be. In photos, bare walls can sometimes look refreshing so perhaps I don't need to scurry to get them dressed up. But the definite consensus from the images above is a monotone palette...for this year anyway.

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