Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inspiration (more like adoration)

A google search for information on Flor tiles led me to this beautiful apartment featured on Apartment Therapy. So many good things in one spot! I didn't want their slideshow of images to end.

My mom was recently down visiting and we were reflecting on my favorite visual rooms...and noticing that they are very monotone, and very neutral This apartment nails it. Not stark, but livable. Of course, I'm pretty sure it would struggle to stand up to kids, but it's still worth drooling over.

Love the neat minimalist shelf with medium size artwork above

Such an inviting space. My grandfather offered me the same table and I rethinking...

L.O.V.E. that painting

Surprised at the light chairs around a wood table...but I can't even consider it. Mr. Big would murder me.

The ghost chair is fab here...hmmm

Great example of bedside displays

There are a lot of good ideas here to pull from. Now I'm off to try... :)

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