Saturday, May 24, 2008

DIY pendant light

Design*Sponge had this great DIY post on pendant lights using felt circles. The top light is really unique and the bottom light sort of reminds me of the light here.

Wonder how this would look on this square pendant light that I've been noticing on Ebay?

Hmmm. This may be an inexpensive option until we can save (for the next 10 years) for the Kou chandelier.


Ashley said...

Have you purchased this light? I was looking at the same one on ebay. I wonder how the quality is.

Jenny said...

Sorry, I didn't end up buying it. I does seem that the quality would be sufficient. I've been so wishy washy about our dining room light that I'm still waiting on making any purchases.

Let me know how it is if you do get it!

Mini said...

It looks fabulous. I've just stumbled across your site and it's been a super big help. I'm trying to do something very similar using Pendant Lighting.