Sunday, May 11, 2008

Echos abound

Our house has a definite echo problem. While we don't want to rush into any expensive purchases this early in the life of the house, we need to do something. Rugs and drapes are the obvious solutions, but perhaps there are others out there that we haven't considered? Any creative tips are greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, my "rug reviews" have started again in earnest. These felt rugs by Melina Raissnia for Peace Industry look simple and comfortable at the same time.

The rugs can be custom ordered to your size need. Their store in San Fran may warrant a visit from a family member on our behalf. It looks like it would be a fun visit.

In the meantime, wacky ideas to counteract the echo problem include a thicker rug pad (under a relatively thin cotton rug) and extra foam or batting behind paintings. Perhaps I'm crazy thinking of the later solution but we're pretty desperate. Any other solutions that we might be missing out on?


Heidi B. said...

How about more plants? I just moved into an empty office at work, and the place definitely had an echo. I added a couple big trees and noticed a big echo reduction, and this was before any pictures were hung.

Jenny said...

You're completely right! Interestingly enough, my mom is down and we've been hitting the nurseries this week. We haven't found exact solutions yet, but this adds to the motivation to keep looking.