Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Paint and driveway and soil...oh my!

We've been coming home recently to slow, but steady, progress on the house. One day the paint is done on the front, the next day the sides are done, and yesterday the finishing touches went on the back. And after months of trekking over an uneven and rubble-happy driveway (in heels at dark), I was really excited to come home to a new driveway recently. But the first truckload of soil was delivered. Woohoo!

We might just, possibly, be turning the corner from building site to home site. How refreshing!

And just as I'm happy-stepping my way into the house, I turn the corner...and realize...we've still got a way to go.

Maybe one day we'll miss the scaffolding, broken roof tiles and random nails. For now, we can hope that day comes real soon. :)

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