Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keeping the clutter at a minimum

We recently purchased a new iMac (through the local classifieds of all places). I love it because it's so simple and clean looking; Mr. Big loves it because it's just cool. Now that the desk is free of separate hard drives, etc., we can focus on getting (lots of) other areas tidy. But leave it to mac enthusiasts to take the next step and to bring it to our attention.

LowKey Stand

It's a good thing that we can't get these types of items on the island. I could easily find my pocket lighter by $59. And yes Mr. Big, I promise to clear through the other areas before considering this further (hand over heart).

The same useful site led me to the first recharging station that I have found attractive. This would be great in our mudroom...and is definitely needed!

Any other good organization gadgets that anyone else has seen recently to help with clutter?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer: We have had an IMAC for 2 years now, and love it. It is uncluttered, and kid-proof. Really high quality display also.

Phil & Judith T

Jenny said...

Hi guys and thanks so much for the visit to the site! :) We are absolutely LOVING ours. We obviously haven't tested the kid-proof part, but so far it's been adult-proof as well...we just don't seem to mess it up at all. So easy!

Hope all is great!