Friday, April 27, 2007

The statement piece

A few months ago, I came across a chandelier that took my breath away. I expected that my fancy for this piece would wane, but it's just not happening. As recently as last week I popped by Item Home for a visit. Was I secretly hoping for a price decrease (despite a weak US dollar)? (yes) Was I hoping that I wouldn't find the piece so fantastic? (most definitely) Did I still love it? (of course).

Today the piece was featured on Design-Milk and I've decided to come clean. This is my absolute end-all-be-all lighting fixture....the Kou Chandelier. And with no further ado, here she is:

Yes, it's a bit out there...but then again, so am I.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny,

I finally got caught up on your blog and I can seriously relate with all the decisions etc you have to go through when building a house. Oh, it brings back memories (the good, the bad and the ugly!)! But it sounds like you are really enjoying it. You should be an interior designer - you have a good eye for detail! By the way, I LOVE the chandelier!! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and I enjoy reading your blog. Take care and say hi to Andy for us!


Jenny said...

Thanks so much Shanley! It's good to know that we have friends and family back home who have been through similar experiences...and can feel the pain. :) It's really nice to get comments from others who can relate. Hopefully we can get a visit once we're all done!

We're pretty excited because the Tragically Hip are playing down here in Cayman tomorrow night. This is a big deal for Cayman...and for Andy! They expect about 3,000 people and Andy's somehow scored VIP tickets. Not sure exactly what comes with those tickets, but it should be fun.

Hope all is great with you guys. Please say hi to Paul Love seeing pics of the little one!

Anonymous said...

Here's the Kou installed in our dining room.