Monday, April 16, 2007

No comment

I am at a complete loss for words, except that I'm virtually certain that this was designed by someone of the male gender. Mr. Big will get the biggest kick out of this. What will they come up with next?

• 4 Integrated high performance moisture-free (ewww...) speakers deliver exceptional clarity and high quality sound
• Charges your iPod while playing music
• Audio selector allows you to play iPod shuffle or other audio device
• Integrated Bath tissue holder that can be easily folded as a stereo dock
• Requires AC Power (AC Adapter included)
• Easy to remove from Wall Mount


Georgetown House said...

OMG. No. Way.


Aimee said...

LOL!!! Ok, I actually kind of think this is cool... I mean, there are times when it would be nice to have a little music in the shower or whatnot. Although, I am scared about taking my iPod into such a damp place.