Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gardening skills

Pretty soon our landscaping skills are going to be put to the test. Correction, it will be our gardening skills put to the test. This is a difficult entry to write because I seem to (correctly or incorrectly) associate one's gardening skills with their cooking skills. And seeing as my cooking skills are appalling, I'm a bit worried about what will come of our gardens.

Mr. Big is extremely excited to start an herb garden, fruit tree plot and all sorts of other vegetation. It all sounds wonderful, but I am secretly admitting (albeit on a very public forum) that I am scared to death about the disappointment that he will experience when he realizes that my thumb is brown...not green. (At such moment, I shall seek to remind him that I play decent golf...)

Just to demonstrate....I went to see the house at 9am on Saturday morning, and being the diligent wife, I watered one of our prized palms. After leaving the site, I attempted to sell my car, find pavers for our driveway, consider decking materials, meet a friend for lunch, pick up beers for the boys, sort out our cabinetry design, cook dinner (gasp), sleep a full 8 hours, eat breakfast, play a round of golf...and remember that I never turned the water off. Eek! I arrived back at the property at 2pm this afternoon to an entirely flooded front yard. In fact, the water covered the two lots next to ours. Mmmm, I don't think Mr. Big is going to be pleased with this month's water bill. And yes, I think it might be wise if I treat him to dinner tonight.

When I came across these cheeky garden stakes from Uncommon Goods, I burst into laughter. We are so going to need these. Just as a reminder to my dear husband that I don't do these things on purpose...

Yep, that's right. Let's try to add a bit of humor to the situation. Maybe that will help (enter uncertain expression here).

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SmilingJudy said...

Don't be concerned. I'm a horrible cook, but I'm a pretty good gardener.