Saturday, February 23, 2008

A pool with water

We've had a pool for a while now, but the lack of water within was quietly torturing us. The moment that we have been waiting for finally arrived this week. Not everything is done yet, but it's pretty close. Behold the pool!

Unfortunately, the water hadn't been treated yesterday, which was the day that we decided to play hookie from work. We had to find other forms of entertainment...which isn't too hard in the Caribbean. And just because I'm a meanie, I thought that others in "milder climates" might appreciate a bit of sunshine. This is roughing it!

And we've had lots of comments on our new friend Jordan. He's fittin right into the family as you can see from his spot on the boat. Aye, Aye Captain!

Hope everyone is well! :)


modernemama said...

Totally jealous. Beautiful pool, beautiful environment

Jenny said...

Aw thanks modernemama for popping by! :)