Friday, February 29, 2008

We're officially on a budget

What a bummer. Now that we finally have a home to fill up with goodies, we're on a strict budget. This probably happens to most people, at least that's what I tell myself. Our walls are pretty bare, but IKEA has a few pretties that could add some flavor (without a lot of cost) for the time being.

They all run around $80 for pretty good size prints (i.e. most are larger than 36 inches). Unfortunately, these images aren't available for purchase on the internet. Pout, pout, pout. Don't be surprised if you're a long last family member that gets a call for help... :)


Aimee said...

Those are really pretty! You should also check out for some art at good prices. :)

cotterpin said...

Those are beautiful! Also, also has great original photos - and the classics too.

Leanne said...

I actually saw these in person at Ikea in Toronto last week... they are really nice. If I'd only had a container to fill up!

Jenny said...

Thanks so much for your comments girls. I'm pretty much a newbie to Etsy so I'm excited to see what I might be able to find. I'll definitely take a peek at as well.

And Leanne, it's really good to know that someone has seen them. Hmmm...the chances of my mom getting the "can I ask a favor" call are increasing rapidly! :)