Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Driftwood. When this blog was started, I couldn't think of a more appropriate word for how the building process had me feeling. One minute I was headed one direction...and then I would start leaning a different direction...and then back...and honestly, it was complete guessing game on where I would end up. (As if this has changed at all today...) So I likened myself to a piece of driftwood making my way through our decisions.

This weekend I was taking some pictures from the empty lot across the street when I almost tripped on this immense piece of driftwood...Cayman driftwood at that. How ironic. It must have ended up on the lot after Hurricane Ivan and was buried in brush until the lot was recently cleared. As if I needed further reassurance on how inconclusive I can be at times...apparently physical proof has been sent as well! Fab. Mr. Big thought it was so amusing that he now plans to use this gigantic (at least 7 ft. long) piece of driftwood in our landscape design as a reminder of the building process. And yes, he's probably already directly correlated the immense size of this piece of wood with the emotional toll that I am putting on him. :)

In any case, it might be time for a few more photos of the exterior of the house. There is nothing too new on the outside except for the fact that the roof has been completed. The tiles have set sail and should be here in a few weeks. Our architect has outlined the exterior finishings of the house, which will be ordered soon. The window order went in a few weeks ago (late unfortunately). We'll soon be choosing the color of the render.

It seems slightly unbelievable that we are this far along in the project. Many people have expressed their disbelief at how quickly the house has progressed, especially given the "soon come" attitude that you can sometimes get in the islands. It certainly makes for a lot of ad hoc and pressured decisions, but there is a great deal of excitement as it emerges in front of us.

So there you go...the most recent photos. Hope you all enjoyed!

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Rechelle said...

The house is gorgeous and so perfectly suited for the site. Love, love love the stair tower.