Thursday, March 8, 2007

Framing...who would have thought?

This was the smile that greeted me when we visited the house last week. Looks like a pretty happy boy, doesn't he?

It was likely because the inside form of our soon-to-be home is on its way up. Sometimes you just feel like letting out a "woohoo". :)

It's been exhilarating watching the exterior blockwork and roof get completed over the past three months. I honestly worried recently that I might get bored from this point forward because we wouldn't see so many drastic changes. Consider me corrected (and self-corrected at that!)

What a treat to walk into your home and see where the rooms will be taking shape. To walk through the passageways that we will be walking through forever is really exciting.

It's just framing at the moment, but you can feel the possibility. What will be said within these walls? How many friends will we entertain in these rooms? How will we live our lives?

Yes, I'm being a complete dork, but at least I'm an honest dork. The framing really excited me. And I suspect that this won't be the last time that I get excited before we move in. But honestly,...framing...who would have thought?

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