Sunday, March 4, 2007

The garage

Not dissimilar to the rest of the house, the story of our garage has been a bit of a saga. We originally were not going to build the garage at the same time as the house. Unlike back home, there are a lot of detached garages here and people use the space above these garages in lots of different smart ways. Seems sensible enough, right?

Part of the reason that we were delaying the build of the garage was due to the fact that we don't know exactly how we intend to use the space above. And trying to get us to make up our minds obviously isn't an easy feat. As we got closer to breaking ground, it became more and more obvious that building over a 3-5 year timespan might become a tad tiresome. So we decided to bite the bullet and build the garage now.

Mr. Big and I are both really happy with the decision...although we still don't know how we will be using this extra space (surprise, surprise). I'm leaning towards a pseudo guest suite and Mr. Big is leaning towards storage and gym space. (Please feel free to email Mr. Big with your I suspect that I might get some support in this area...)

So here is the upstairs area, which will be complete with balcony and views. The ceiling will be a bit low at the corners, but high enough in the center. We've piped for future plumbing and electrical if and/or when we decide to fit out the space.

It's quite a cozy little space and the views aren't too bad either. There are canal views from the main front window and the back balcony. I think that our friends might be happy here, although I did notice one more view today that wasn't originally anticipated...

...yes, that is our master shower...and it is within a stone's throw from the back balcony. You can all breathe easy because we will have glass privacy block to keep your views "rated-PG". Well, at least that's one decision that we've made. :)

So there you have it...if you happen to stay in said proposed "psuedo guest suite", you'll now know the story behind your surroundings...and all the indecision that came along with.

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