Monday, March 5, 2007

Inspirations: bathrooms

Here is the problem with inspiration images...other people's crazy ideas can become your crazy ideas.

A few years ago, I flipped past the following photo in an Architectural Digest magazine as Mr. Big was walking by. The shower on the page is certainly cool...but it's John Travolta's cool. Well, apparently Mr. Big felt that it would give him some extra Travolta mojo or something, because it soon became part of our floor plan. Oh, he's going to be upset if he ever reads this post...sorry babe, just makes for good reading... :)

Mr. Travolta's mojo

Our soon-to-be mojo

Hmmm...I'll let you guys enter your comments here. I've also included a few other bathroom inspiration photos for various rooms in the house.

For the master bath

For the powder room

For the "maybe there will be kids someday" bathroom

My dream shower for the guest bath (but only sold in the UK...humph)

Hope you enjoyed! And remember, other people's crazy might just be crazy enough for you. :)

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