Saturday, March 24, 2007

To chimney or not to chimney

About a month before our construction started, my lovely husband threw all caution to the wind and decided that it was the right time to build his dream cabana. Scary? Yes. We were planning to do this in a few years but he reckoned that it would be more hassle to landscape and then tear it up shortly thereafter. While it does make things tight, tight, tight $-wise, I am really happy for him...he is more excited about this than any other aspect of the house.

Our architect drew up the plans as follows, but we just can't come to a conclusion on whether to keep the tall chimney or not. It's a bit of a Mediterranean feature that also encompasses the exhaust from the indoor grill. That being said, the grill could be vented straight through the roof. So what do you think...chimney or no chimney?

So let us know what you think. We're a bit all over the map on this one...unusual I know. :)

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