Sunday, March 25, 2007

Canal challenges

One of the challenges about building on a canal is what do with the side of the lot exposed to the water. Friends with kids all warn us that we'll immediately fence it in for safety, but that seems to defeat the purpose of having a nice view. We've looked at different examples for ages, but never came across the right solution...until today.

A homeowner in the same area recently put up a beautiful stone and wood combination. We understand that it wasn't terribly expensive as he did all of the woodwork himself. Mr. Big is excited about the possibility of doing the same...with the help of others of course. :)

One of the reasons that this is so agreeable is that it only stands about 3 ft high, so it still allows a nice view from the house. The contrast of the dark wood against the sun-bleached stone is also really appealing.

We won't be doing this for quite some time, but it's definitely something to file away...the solution to our canal challenge.

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