Saturday, March 17, 2007

The fisherman

Those who have visited our current abode will likely have noticed the fisherman. For those who have not, he's a painting. But he's more than that. The fisherman a reminder of all things peaceful, calm and simple. He never fails to elicit comments from others or inspire us. In the crazy world that we live in, he somehow reminds us that the most beautiful moments are often the very simple moments.

Mr. Big and I were traveling in Prague when we came across an intriguing art gallery with loads of beautiful pieces from a father/son team. (You can find them online at Gallerie D'art and if you're ever in Prague, you should stop in). We were hugely inspired, but rather than make a hasty decision, agreed to come back to the gallery later if we still felt strongly about our favorite pieces.

On our way to the airport we decided to make a stop by the gallery for one last look. Low and behold, Mr. Big and I each selected powerful pieces for our offices. With just enough time before our flight, we took a stroll down the drizzly street while the gallery was rolling the paintings.

Sitting in a little cafe enjoying hot chocolate, I mentioned that the single most inspiring piece in the gallery was definitely the fisherman. Mr. Big's eyes started to sparkle. There was no doubt that we both were moved my him. Why didn't we consider him when we were making our purchases? Did we feel that he was out of our league? Why were we suddenly so nervous, but giddy, like we were on our first date together again? We knew that we would miss our flight if we decided to purchase him, but we went back to inquire.

Well, it's pretty obvious what happened. The fisherman has been with us ever since. Yes, we missed our flight and had to spend another evening in Prague. We traveled through Rome, London and Miami with this beautiful 4ft tall x 5 ft wide painting wrapped under our arms. All that time we had stupid grins on our face...we had done it. And you know what, we've never once regretted our decision. Not once.

Now: Not surprisingly, we have actually designed a great deal of the house around our friend. He will greet our friends at the front door, but still be predominately displayed for our everyday enjoyment. His color tones have inspired our floor, cabinetry and countertop selections. His calm serene demeanor has set the tone for our decor.

So there you go...a rushed afternoon in Prague, filled with hot chocolate and damp weather, has lead us here. I suppose that you never know where your inspiration will come from...

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