Thursday, March 8, 2007

Talented people

Honestly, this world is comprised of so many talented people. Whether its masonry, landscaping, accounting (ha ha), or whatever you choose, it's so inspiring to work with talented individuals. Sometimes when you are holed up in your own profession, it's easy to forget that the world is full of intriguing and inspiring people buzzing around in other industries.

We have a pool on our construction plans, but the shape and design never really "wow-ed" us. A few weeks back we set out to find someone to help. I mean, who couldn't work with a list of requests along these lines:
  • 8 ft deep area for Mr. Big
  • 5 ft deep area for Mrs. Big
  • 1-2 ft shallow wading area for potential Big Jrs.
  • hot tub
  • lap pool for exercise
  • social pool for entertaining friends
  • built-up "step" or 1 ft barrier around the pool
  • planters around the pool for shade
  • automatic pool cover
  • oh, and all of the above on a budget...and we mean budget
Honestly, I didn't think that it was possible. Low and behold, we met with a pool designer tonight and he completely hit it out of the park. Unbelievable. He was able to incorporate everything into a modern and appealing pool. I'm so impressed.

Our discussions turned to deck materials, which we have been contemplating now for quite some time. We were able to find this image in the 2007 Pool and Spa Living magazine. The colors are slightly off on the computer, but trust me, this looks gorgeous in the magazine. I'm now on a quest to find out where this decking material originates.

And that's what talented people will do to you...make you run home and search the internet like a loonie for a single source of a pool deck...just because they have inspired you. I highly doubt that my clients leave my presence only to pour through accounting literature, but then again, we can all hope (or not).

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