Sunday, March 25, 2007


The framing process has been really interesting. We finally have the opportunity to see how everything fits together in 3D. For the most part, everything has worked out well, but all along we anticipated finding some items that we would change.

The first item was the large fireplace/chimney feature in our great room that I wrote about here. When it was originally framed, it was a bit overwhelming to the room. It's difficult to see here, but this is how it was originally started:

It came out 3 ft from the wall and we have now modified it to only have a depth of 2ft 4 inches. When Mr. Big walked into the house this morning, he immediately commented that it was the right decision to make it shallower. Only 8 inches difference and it isn't nearly as overpowering.

The only other framing change took place again in the great room where we had two arches next to each other starting at different heights. Funny that we didn't notice it in the places, but we ended up making a 4 inch adjustment that finishes the area much better.

The framing is virtually complete now and the ceiling insulation and A/C has started. It sounds like we won't be seeing many noticeable changes until the windows and doors arrive in a few weeks. After all of the recent adrenaline, it doesn't sound so bad to let things slow down a bit.

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