Thursday, January 25, 2007

Trusting your instinct

Mr. Big regularly sees the computer on my lap and asks "What in the world are you looking at?". It's actually very easy. Wireless internet + mac laptop = frequently distracted Mrs. Big. Usually my distraction relates to USC football, but sometimes it branches into far more appropriate subjects, such as home matters.

A few weeks ago we saw a great hanging lamp at ZGallerie but we decided to think about it a bit. When I went back to visit our friend online, I gasped as this beauty flashed on the screen. unique! It's a bit modern (sphere-shaped and monochromatic), delicate (made out of capiz shells in the form of lotus flowers), and intriguing (lots of texture). I loved it in the photo, although I was hesitant about the gold color and exactly what it would look like in person. At $259, it seemed to have a fairly reasonable price tag for a bit of pizzazz above our dining table. My instinct told me that it was a home run, but I hesitated... imagine my excitement yesterday when I came across the following on a home design website. (enter hearts and xxxxooooo's here). Sheer perfection!

These are virtually the same as the ZGallerie lights, but they come in three different sizes and a lighter, more delicate capiz shell. (more hearts and xxxsoooo's). Oh be still my heart...I think I am in love.

Hopefully my internet searching abilities won't be in vain. I've yet to convince Mr. Big that our home just won't be the same without this find...but I'll keep trying!

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