Sunday, January 7, 2007


A hypothetical question: You're cruising down the street when you come across model homes. Are you a person who obliviously passes by or are you like me and keenly wonder what decorating secrets they may hold within? I suspect that I'm not the only one that falls into the later category, but I wonder how many of us are out there...?

Mr. Big and I had the opportunity to wander through model homes over the holidays. There were loads of different ideas that I thought I would share here. But one recurring observation was that decorators accent model homes with BIG accent pieces. This creates a very cozy but uncluttered feeling. Imagine the impact of seeing four 2'x2' paintings on a bathroom wall compared to the single piece that I would probably hang. It certainly is more dramatic.

In any case, I was with a friend's six year old daughter who scurried in each home to find the "kid rooms". They had some very creative ideas that I thought were worth sharing:

This first room was my favorite for a boy room. Besides the chalkboard and overall football theme, look closely and see that the border mimics the laces on a ball. So easy, very clean looking, with lots of impact when you walk in the room.

The second was for a teenager and had a peg border around the entire room. In this case, they had purses, frames, and other fun "girl" stuff to decorate. Of course, the pillows were all custom made to match the theme of the room, but the peg border was really smart. It would also work well in a teenage boy (or grown boy for that matter...)'s room to hang baseball hats.

The final room did an amazing job of tying in the walls with the bedding. How cute is that large pillow? It was actually hand painted to match the walls. Something to file away for the future...

So here's a question to those of you who enjoy looking at model you think that they are actually livable? Or are we all being suckered?

And yes, I realize that there is a high probability that I am being suckered... :)

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