Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Looky loos

Mr. Big and I have been known to wander through "in process" homes out of curiosity for what it will eventually become. Sometimes, the homes are those of friends; sometimes they are not (trespassers we have been....).

These days, we typically spend 2-3 hours on Saturday afternoons at the house enjoying drinks with the workers. It's a really nice time to decompress and enjoy the progress over the week. The last two weekends, we've noticed a really nice trend of friends popping by for a quick peak. It's so fun! We get the opportunity to share our plans, hopes, etc. on a completely impromptu basis. And more that anything, it's really nice to catch up with others...hopefully this will continue even after we've moved in!

There is just a whole bunch of good news to report this week. The second floor slab was poured (a week and a half earlier than last week's estimate) and the second floor walls have started. Rewinding to the start of construction, they said that we would have only the first floor slab done by the end of January. Seriously now, who in their right mind would have thought that we would be a whole MONTH AND A HALF ahead of schedule at this point?!?

It's really starting to look like a house. And our house! They are even saying that our roof might be started in two weeks. Unbelievable.

And in addition to all of the work on the house, the garage is motoring up as well.

It needs to be mentioned that there are certainly momentary panics, such as "we have no air conditioning piped in for the upstairs portion of the garage and the concrete is being poured in an hour", but all in all, we are very fortunate to have a great team looking out for our interests. My hat goes off to them because the construction industry would be far too stressful for the likes of me.

The window and roof tile orders will be placed soon. I mention soon because it is surprising, even if you thought you had everything sorted for the house, that there are inevitably good, valid questions and concerns that are raised. (Just yesterday we increased the tred on our stairs from 10" to 11.5" to accomodate a certain tall guy that we all did we not catch that earlier?) You think that you've thought of it all, but then you realized, we are only human afterall...

So when you are "looky loo-ing" through a home in the future, imagine the owners frantically scrambling around, getting answers, in order to get that home to the stage that it is in. And then remember just how happy they are on Saturday afternoons enjoying a Corona (or Red Stripe in our case...) decompressing before it starts all over again...

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