Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Moving to the music

Last year Mr. Big and I loaded every CD that we have ever owned onto our Mac. It took a full three days, but we can now play music for 28 days and never repeat a song. It's fantastic.

We've been looking for ways to incorporate our digital library into our home entertainment system in the new house. Mr. Big's brother in law eagerly pointed us towards Sonos today. The technology looks really cool because you can actually play different music in different rooms. There are only cables at one base station and then wireless stations can be placed throughout the house.

Sonos CR100

From the Sonos website:

With the Sonos® Controller in hand, you'll have instant access to your entire digital music collection, Internet radio and select music services from almost anywhere—inside or out. That's because the Sonos Controller uses SonosNet™, our secure, wireless mesh network that extends the range of your Controller throughout your entire home. Which means you don't have to run to your PC every time you want to pick a new tune or raise the volume. You can use up to 32 Controllers for all your ZonePlayers—like one for every room, floor or music lover in your house.

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