Friday, December 1, 2006

To Cistern or not to Cistern?

That is the current question. You see, the water in here is relatively expensive because it has to go through a desalination process (taking the salt out of sea water). And we're going to need quite a bit to landscape the second lot. Many homes have large cisterns to collect rain water for landscaping purposes. Seems like a no-brainer to use this natural resource right?

Wrong. Apparently it is incredibly expensive to build a cistern... We met with a potential landscaper yesterday who suggested that cisterns holding less than 20,000 gallons aren't really useful. Yikes, anything that large is not going to be cheap.

The question is whether to invest now or pay the water company through the years. Seeing as my monthly water bill has always been about $20, you can imagine my preference. But I'm the naive one because I just don't know how much water it takes to landscape half an acre.

Hmmm...this is when I wish there was someone else to make these decisions for us. Growing up can be so complicated!

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