Monday, December 4, 2006

No, our weekend was not bruined

Ok, ok, you got me. Maybe just a little bit...

I know that this is supposed to be my "home building blog" but I've received a few DOZEN emails about the game this weekend, so I thought I'd officially state that Mr. Big and I have survived the weekend.

UCLA just flat out beat USC. They were hungry, they were fired up, they played with passion...they were USC in 2003. I loved that year...

I read an interesting perspective from someone yesterday, comparing USC to raising a child. Now we all know that I completely cannot comprehend what goes into raising a child, but his words did make sense to me. He said that you can watch proudly as a child grows and be completely amazed and exhilarated with them. But every once in a while, they do sometime that leaves you wondering "what the **(enter appropriate explicative here)** were you thinking". For me, USC had that moment on Saturday evening.

We were only able to watch the first half because we had the 40th anniversary party for our company that evening. I'm glad that we got Mr. Big out of the house as he was getting fairly "jumpy" watching the game. (Interestingly enough, the only two games that USC lost were the two that we could not watch....and no, I don't honestly believe that we jinxed them but I will admit that the far-fetched thought did cross my mind.) In the end, we are a different team today with different dynamics than back in 2003. The players expect to win. Full stop. Understandable I suppose given their recent track record.

In the end, I'm not surprised that the losses this season came to two gutsy football teams. And to be honest, these are always the teams that worry me most (darn state schools). Good job to the UCLA Bruins.

As for the USC Trojans, lets hope Carroll has them fighting mad on January 1.

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