Saturday, December 16, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

It's hard trying to find gifts for others on the internet, because I inevitably come across lovely items to pine over. Since our trip to Bella Winery, I've been on a kick for white vases and accessories.

The vases above are from Loop, a London knitting website that sells these ceramic vases from Annette Bugansky. The small votive holders are gorgeous as well. They are very pricy, but a good inspiration.

These second vases are from Greener Grass Design, which I found for the first time today. It's certainly worth a peak for neat home and gift ideas. I actually like how they have paired a fairly feminine vase with a more structural grass. These and the previous vases are pretty pricey, but they are good for ideas, right? :)

The final little white nugget that I cam across were these really neat bowls made out of white buttons. These are also from Greener Grass Design. Obviously the bowls could only be used for decor and/or easy serving (bread, etc.)

I think that I'll be bookmarking this site because they had lots of really neat items, especially for gifts. Well, that's the story :)

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