Sunday, December 24, 2006

Final holiday treats

So I meant to post these a few weeks ago, but life took over. This isn't going to be the most intriguing post, but I wanted to share a few holiday gifts/decor that I thought were interesting or different (before the holidays have left us).

This candelabra from has a bit of a French, retro feel to it. It looks like it would be a beautiful table centerpiece for the holidays and thereafter. At $79, it's pretty moderately priced. The Bo Concept website has lots of fun stuff, especially in the accessories link.

The best stockings that I came across this year were from West Elm. I love the embroidered stocking next to it's sister, the bling stocking. I'm hoping that we might see a post-holiday sale on these. (Update: Keep your fingers crossed that my purchase at $9.99 each will be succesful. Too cute to pass up!).

I wish that I would have found these gorgeous holiday ornament cards in time...perhaps it would have prompted us to get our cards out this year (scurrying around the corner to hide). These are from Rare Device, and while on the pricing side at $7 per ornament, they sure beat the $11.50 that I spent to two cards yesterday at Carlton. Delicate and unusual.

I thought that this would have been a really fun gift to give, but then realized that it's probably something that I would need to keep...and use for the benefit of the gift recipient. It's from Greener Grass Designs and can be yours for the whopping price of $26. Pricy, but would the laughs be worth it...?

Finally, this gift would be great for someone in the Cayman Islands where the season doesn't necessarily feel like winter and Christmas. It could create good atmosphere at a holiday party for certain. $50 from Rare Device.

Happy holidays to all of our good friends. I hope that you all get to enjoy beautiful meals, great family and loads of smiles!

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