Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Groundbreaking

Just to make life a bit more intriguing, I think we'll give the husband the code name Mr. Big for the purposes of this blog. No, no, no, not following a Sex in the City fad nor do I have any "personal details" leading to this name (shame on you girls...). Rather, it seems appropriate because everything that we look at when considering this house is supersized. If there are decisions to make between a products, the largest or heaviest or thickest option is always chosen by my dear husband. And something leads me to believe that he wouldn't care to be referred to as Mr. Thick, Mr. Heavy or Mr. Chunky (as in chunky granite of course...). So there it is...he's duly coded as Mr. Big. :)

Backing up a bit here to share a few pictures of the day that the building officially started. To this point in time, we had looked at plans, made changes, looked at the plans some more, made more changes, looked at the plans yet again....and I think you get the picture. So this was the very happy face that greeted us all on the day that the fill officially arrived. Mr. Big in his glory!

I know that this is the boring, painful part so we'll get this over quickly. Here is a shot of the land looking back from the property line. The very few mounds of fill and random wood is all we needed to consider "construction started".

And you know what happens when construction is started, right? Friends come over to celebrate, look at plans...and ride their bikes!

Unfortunately if you are the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Big, your celebration consists of champagne and lime Tostitos (yes, you read that correctly). Ok, so we're not high class... In any case, the neighboorhood gatherings have started...!

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