Friday, August 31, 2007

Boys will like these

There have been quite a few "girly" posts recently, so here is one in honor of those boys. These fun items are found on the Urban Outfitters website and are sure to get a few "Man is that cool" comments out of the important-to-impress buddies.

The glass to the left would be a fun addition to summer barbeques. With that being said, I'm not sure some girls would be too keen to be reminded of all those calories (moi for instance).

My boy loves his rums and this dispenser had me wondering if something like this would be good in his outdoor sports bar (as we are now calling it). A permanent wall-mounted unit may not be appropriate in a few years when kids are around, but this fun contraption also can be countertop mounted. Perfect!

Note: If any of Mr. Big's lovely under-age family members are reading this, please let me assure you that this appreciation of fine rums came about well after he passed the legal drinking age...and he assures me that he always drinks responsibly!

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