Monday, August 6, 2007

We've got a master bedroom

I've got a question for those in the construction industry...what is the difference between sheet rock and drywall? I hear (and use) both terms interchangeably so I assume that they are the same thing. ? And for fear that everyone one on our site would likely look at me like I have three heads if I asked this question, I have abstained to this point. So there you go...please accept my apologies if this post is not technically accurate. :)

On Sunday, we were ecstatic to find our master bedroom, wardrobe and bathroom virtually complete.

Master bedroom (view to canal)

Master bedroom (inside room looking back to walk-through wardrobe)

Master bedroom (inside room looking through wardrobe to master bath)

Mr. Big basking in the master bath

Don't worry, I won't actually make you look at photos of every room from every angle going forward. :) We were just so excited to feel the rooms take shape through the addition of drywall.

The entire house should be completed by next weekend. They will then start the mudding process. This is where I nod my head and pretend to understand what they are talking about. If I understand correctly, this is when the walls get rounded (yeah) and drywall lines start to disappear. In the meantime, there are huge piles of drywall like this in every room, just promising to elicit more "oohs" and "aahs" out of yours truly. This is a really exciting time!


alan herrell said...

Sheetrock is the trademarked name for USG's Brand of drywall. Other than that it is the same stuff.
probably more than you want to know can be found here

Lisa said...

Hi Jenny,

I'm Leigh Kelln's friend. She sent me the link to your website. I may be completely out of line, but I wanted to let you know/warn you that when my parents' were building their house (30 years ago) the contractor piled drywall on their living room floor. The weight of the drywall actually made a sag/warped the floor so it isn't flat (excuse my non-technical terms). Recently they installed hardwood and the warped floor made the installation very tricky. So there is my comment. If I'm out of line, please excuse. I'll just buy that stamp that you featured earlier in your blog.

Jenny said...

Thanks Alan. That was a great find. I feel much more educated now! ;)

And thanks even more for the head's up Lisa. This is really useful information. They are supposed to start laying stone and wood flooring in about two weeks time. I will certainly keep my eye on spooked would my builder be if I picked up on this! :) And thanks for coming's fun getting comments from new people. Say hi to Leigh for me. We miss her down here!