Monday, August 27, 2007

It's looking like a house

We returned from ten days of vacation to find our house in the shape of a house! It's really exciting to walk through it now with nearly all of the sheetrock, mudding and taping done. The ceiling in the kitchen and dining room area was particularly fun to see. At some points in the design phase I was worried that it might look a bit overwhelming. In the end, it looks perfect.

The frames for the pocket doors were being installed today. To this point, these areas have been just extra wide passageways. Again, it's really good to see all of the walls and partitions in place.

Apparently the storm and other delays have held up the crew from completing all of the sheet rock work. Originally our first floor tiles were to be installed this week, but it now appears that will take place next Monday. (Keeping our fingers crossed).

The house is getting very tangible. We'll be looking at paint colors soon. This has been planned for so long and it feels great to get to this point...this building is turning into a home. :)

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