Sunday, August 12, 2007

Surround sound

We all know that boys love to show off their toys, but when it came to a surround sound system, Mr. Big and I were both in agreement on flush-mount wall speakers. Along the way, our designer told us (and told us again) that we needed to choose the system early so that we could make sure that it would work...but we didn't heed his advice. Tsk tsk. Once the walls were put up, we were informed that our lack of planning would mean that the planned wall speakers would be extremely unlikely.

Ultimately, we were required to compromise and this Canton Movie 201 Series was selected. It has received good reviews, and after getting used to the idea of wall mount speakers, it isn't terribly obtrusive. We will have two front, side and rear speakers, hopefully disguised as well as possible.

The good news is that plans have been made for the center speaker, amp and television. They will all be recessed in the large feature wall in the great room, which took further shape yesterday.

While we didn't get there 100%, it is still exciting to see these little details come together. Each day brings a bit more insight into what our dreams will look like. Stay tuned!

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