Friday, August 31, 2007

Economic furniture finds

One of my favorite design blogs (Decor8) pointed out that Urban Outfitters has updated their website to include their newest products. They have a lot of great items at really cheap prices. Like the table to the cute is that for $29? It's not real wood and it's probably not going to last us our lifetime, but I'm sure that we could get at least that much enjoyment out of it. How cute would these be as outside bistro tables?

Other pieces that caught my eye:

Mid-century modern sofa for $480

Lantern $15

Bedspread for $34 (I would never have thought to put with bright pink, but it's so cute)

Convertible day-bed for $500 (how cool is this?)

For the record, I did pick up one of the rugs from Urban Outfitters that I blogged about previously. The quality is not spectacular, but it certainly adds a bit of color to our sitting area. You can see a corner of it in the following picture (with the new chairs that I previously wrote about as well). For $69, I'll certainly get use out of it for the next few years.

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