Thursday, August 9, 2007

Where is that ring coming from?

When a beep goes off in our condo, it's no small feat to decipher where it is coming from. Between three cell phones, two blackberries, two ipods, a netspeak phone, and a regular phone, gadgets are playing musical chairs with our minds. And why is it that when you need the cord for one gadget, you can only find those for the seven others? "I swear I saw the one I needed right there last time I looked." Someone, somewhere must be laughing at us all...

I was pretty pleased recently when I came across the concept of recharging stations. While we would need a few of these to get things under control, Hammacher Schlemmer has a potential solution for only $24.

I was not surprised at all to find a more female-friendly version at Pottery Barn (of course...) for $79.

A quick google search turned me onto this DIY option from Solsie for a whopping $3.99.

There is something slightly reassuring about finding out that we aren't the only ones facing this challenge. Gotta go...there's a beep going off as I type...

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