Thursday, August 2, 2007

Doorknobs and hinges

Honestly, how sad is that title...doorknobs and hinges? It's when you are writing about things like this that you realize that you probably need to get out of the house. But the fact of the matter is that our builder frantically needed to confirm them for our interior door selection this week.

Well, since we really liked the door levers on our exterior doors, that seemed like a logical starting point. Nothing turned up in a quick look through popular internet hardware sites. We went to the exterior door manufacturer requesting their source, but haven't heard back from them. A little deeper internet searching finally landed us at the right spot. So our interior lovelies will be the same after all. Pretty happy about that.

Then we needed to confirm the color of the hinges. The problem here is that you have to choose from bronze, light oil rubbed bronze, dark oil rubbed bronze, distressed bronze, antique bronze and about 10 other bronzes...that all look pretty much to be identical colors on a computer screen. Hmm. We ultimately took a shot in the dark and went with "light oil rubbed bronze". If anyone ever notices that our hinges and levers don't match, there are probably larger problems that need to be addressed. :)

Before I leave you all this morning, just thought one more photo of our nice new windows might be in order. Oh, so pretty. See ya!

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