Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our great room

It might be time to put up a few more recent photos of our main living area. It's actually quite cozy at the moment. We've gotten it to a livable state (only took us 8 months...) where I'm not pining over new furniture. Yes, there will be a time when we get real side tables (instead of the outdoor teak table) and other items, but for now we're pretty good.

If you happen to call and I seem distant, I'm probably far too comfortable in one of the cream recliners watching an episode of Law and Order (Why do they have to have so many marathons? They kill my social life!). In fact if you look closely, you can see my Harmony remote right next to my preferred chair in the first photo. :)

And we were warned about this when we were designing the house, but changing that light bulb is going to be a real b***h.

(Sorry to our sweet followers in Calgary...don't tell your mom that I curse...or EVER let her see this post. If that doesn't deserve it, I don't know what does.) :)

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