Saturday, August 16, 2008

Smells like school spirit

I know, I's "teen spirit" in the song, but it fits this little story.

The first time Mr. Big and I watched a college football game together, he teased me that I was only watching to see the players run around in tight pants. (No doubt that my friends are either holding their breath or peeing themselves laughing at this point in the story). Boy was he ever in for a show. I scream at the television, call plays and fouls, follow practice reports, spend ridiculous amounts of hours on where high school kids decide to go to college. I'm nuts...and I can't do a single thing to deny it. Don't ask me why or how, but I was always big on the school spirit thing. Always.

At my high school graduation, I was planning to attend University of Washington and my sweet mom surprised me with a garden full of purple and gold flowers. A few months later when my plans changed and I enrolled at USC, my mom quickly had that garden teeming with cardinal and gold. Teeming. And yes, these are the types of things that I love.

When it came to our yard, we pretty much gave our landscaper full authority to do as he pleased. Image my utter amazement when the main planter bloomed....full of cardinal and gold!

When I first saw the blooms, I lost my was like my mom's garden all over. And in my favorite flower..have you ever seen a cardinal bouganvilla? Me neither! My mom and Mr. Big swear that it was purely chance. How ironic that this planter is just outside the pavilion, where we anticipate spending most Saturdays watching college football. LOVE IT!

Meanwhile, so does Jordan. Apparently these shady planters are a perfect way to cool down.

As long as his digging is truly behind us (or he doesn't doesn't touch my "Doheny" flower bed), we should be able to live in harmony. Probably not in his best interest to test how I respond to opponents... :)

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