Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday morning treasures

Oh how I look forward to Saturday mornings. My energetic hubby sprints out the door by 8:30am to meet his buddies for volleyball and I get lazy, lazy mornings. Sleep in, listen to music, play with the dog...just decompress basically. Lately, I've been spending my Saturday mornings to slowly make my way through my favorite blog posts via google reader. (Yes, I'm completely behind the times on google reader, but I enjoy it just as much.) It's like spending my morning flipping the pages of a virtual magazine...without advertisements. Heaven.

We still have not finalizing our dining room table light. The temporary fixture from Bo Concept will soon be making it's way to our outdoor bathroom (of all places). It's been a cute temporary solution, but it will be much better suited in its originally intended spot. And it's far too small for the dining area.

And while I simply cannot get the Kou chandelier out of my mind, it's virtually impossible to imagine spending so much on a lighting fixture. Oh, but how I love it. Wouldn't it look great in the space above?

This week Design*Sponge featured the talented Alex Earl from Melbourne, Australia. His Butterfly pendant can be custom made in any size and provides a similar soft ambient light. It's modern with a bit of fancy to it.

This could be a real option, especially with our new gardens that surround our dining room. And I haven't done too much "girly" decorating in the house, so I think that Mr. Big might just be okay with it. And his Lionfish lightshade could be really fun in a boy's room.

So my lazy Saturday morning is officially over...I'm now up and motivated. Off to contact Mr. Earl to find out more on sizes and costs. Wish me luck!

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