Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beautiful neutral interiors

Beautiful floor arrangement on shiny dark floors. So relaxing. Photographed by Jolanda Bukhard.

Great large, neutral artwork. Designed by ZK as featured on Desire to Inspire.

Elegant and simple entryway again from ZK Interiors as featured on Desire to Inspire

Perfection. Love the concrete floors and beautifully framed trees outside. So inviting. Photographed by Mia-Linh.

Crazy cool kitchen from MR Architecture and Decor.

Inviting elegant bath (although the mirrors seem too high?) Love the shower tiles. Also photographed by Mai-Lihn.

Lovely dark wood floors set off an airy living room by Stern McCafferty.

Chunky countertop topped with another striking floral piece. Photographed by Jolanda Bukhard.

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