Sunday, August 24, 2008


This house designed by Dowling Kimm Studios in San Fransisco is stunning. Simple, livable, peaceful and modern at the same time. A true inspiration.

Great countertops and "built-down" ceilings (so technical here...)
Can't you just imagine Sunday morning breakfast in this room?

Love the barn door entrance for the Master Bath.
I almost feel cool since we have a similar door to our the cool kids in class. :)

Serene shower with the oh-so-necessary cut-outs.
Walk in showers with glass just look so inviting.

Are you kidding me? I'm glad that I'm not a friend of theirs
because I might be that person that never leaves the party. How inviting is this room?
The design on that window is devine.

Oh and this must be the other sitting room. Nope, I'd never leave. if this house needed more...

This is a house that you could virtually applaud. Great job to the design team and home owners on this one!

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