Sunday, August 17, 2008

Master bedroom entrance

When we designed our master bedroom, the possibilities at the entrance excited me. We've got a blank canvas at the moment, which doesn't help the wandering eyes.

This wall piece from Heather Fraizer of Fraizer and Wing is whimsical. I'm currently enjoying monotone interiors complimented with texture, but this might be slightly dull for the space. On the other hand, I can imagine it fluttering as we walk past.

Or perhaps something like Susan Woods Spring Line would be interesting.

And there's no chance that I would have looked past etsy for artwork that might be interesting. Gollybard's skirt and trousers pair have piqued my interest, as has Deb Grossfield's Knees, Image 186. Not sure why these catch my eye, ...but they are a little out of the ordinary.

Has anyone out there seen any larger size wall artwork or sculptures that they would recommend? Any sites that I'm missing?

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