Friday, February 9, 2007

An opportunity for development

I would consider my interest in lighting as an opportunity for development. Sounds like "performance evaluation" term, doesn't it? Other than the chandelier post below, it's just not an area that evokes much emotion. Many people have outlined how the proper lighting can have a huge impact on a home. Yes, I hear them, but to be honest, I would rather drool over textiles and artwork (and yes, I realize that drool would ruin the artwork...).

While perusing a magazine today, I came across this cool little gadget...a parrot corkscrew. How cute is this? Seeing as it would make for a fitting Caribbean gift idea, I googled it and was sent to a lighting website of all places. (By the way, the corkscrew also comes in other fun colors and you can find it here...)

Lumens Light and Living is an interesting site because it has all different ranges of lights, from $30 to true art pieces (loads of zeros behind those!). The nice part is that the styles are generally fairly contemporary, while offering more than the standard white plastic shade that you see on most sites these days. Just for the record-keeping, here were a few items that caught my eye:

Porcelain pieces by Justice Design that give off a beautiful glow
(and are surprisingly reasonably priced)

Basket sconce from Dform that gives a similar effect

Wall sconce by Sonneman (perhaps a bit too ordinary?)

Okay, I can hear my dad groaning in the background with this one,
but for some reason, I like it. Sorry Dad.

After looking them all over again, I think the porcelain lights are taking the lead. I'm pretty pleased with these finds.

But before I close, I have to leave you with one more treat from the site. I was very eager to see this floor lamp after the following description:
The (Mrs. Big doesn't want to get sued so she removed the name) Large Floor Lamp, by (again covering her rear), is a bold statement of tightly clustered, sculpted metal flowers forming a nosegay light bouquet for indoor living area tables or floors. Guaranteed to garner attention in any environment.

Are you kidding me? I realize that I don't know much about design (and please excuse me if I am offending you...), but I am quite certain that one of my brothers made this in the fourth grade for a science fair project. And it's worth pointing out that this is listed for a mere $4,060. What a bargain considering the lovely red cord that you get with it! Don't all rush out at once please.

Well, I'm feeling a bit better after my excursion. I may have opportunities for development when it comes to lighting, but then again, I'm not the only one. :)

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