Friday, February 9, 2007

The dilemma with personal photos

What to do with family photos? How many do your guests need/want to see? Do they really want to experience our memories all over again? I've never been huge on putting out lots of personal photos in common areas because of these dilemmas.

However, when I came across the following photo, it really struck home. It's like a little gallery in one concise location...a true trip down memory lane. We will have an upstairs gallery (open to the great room below) and a perfect wall for something along these lines.

This next image is another option although it shows artwork as compared to photographs. I suspect that it could be easily updated. In general, this is another inspiration photo for overall tones and colors as well.

Thoughts? I think that these are both "do-able", however, the challenge will likely be in finding the right frames and mats. This challenge won't be on the plate for another year or so, but I still look forward to it. Wish me luck!


kingstreetfarm said...

We did something similar, albeit on a smaller scale, with 9 antique family-related photos, in our NY apartment.
Instead of using mats, though, we did those "floating" frames that are simple black painted wood with two sheets of clear glass, and we sandwiched each photo between the sheets of glass. It was a cool way to make antique photos a little more graphic while still retaining their charm. I'll see if I can find a picture of our arrangement, and will post it here if HTML is allowed.

kingstreetfarm said...

OK I found one...this is an old photo and not good quality, but it might give you an idea of what we did.

Jenny said...

Oh, they look great! I posted a while back about how model homes seem to do such a good job of clustering photos and yours do exactly that. The double glass gives the antique photos a modern edge. Thanks so much for sharing them!